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How can I filter using the view options?

Scheduling view options can be used along with filters to reduce the number of shifts shown on the screen, sort in a particular order or change the time display from 12 to 24-hour clock.

To open up View Options follow the following steps:

1) Inside Schedules, open the left side panel clicking on the gear:



 2) A side menu will appear. It will show up the default view, which is with "View Options", but in case it does not open click on "View Options" on the top left corner:


3) Chose the options you would like to use to filter your schedule and then click Apply (A list of all the existing options can be viewed below). Your schedule will appear according to the option(s) selected:


Types of View Options:

  • Name – to change order, and use the employees’
    common name
  • Department Status – Home Department will list only
    those employees whose home location is that of the
    schedule being created, and Non-Home Department the
  • Shift in View – If Yes will show only those employees
    already scheduled, and No will show those that are not
    scheduled in this department for the current period.
  • Primary Sort – Select to choose primary sorting in
    employee view; secondary sorting is the default set.
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