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Bulk Updates: Adjusting payroll instructions using Edit mode

Edit mode is best used when Enabling/Disabling Paycodes for employees, or when overriding payroll instruction defaults for certain employees. If you'd like to change the default value of a payroll instruction for all employees, we recommend that you make this change by importing a .csv file instead. 

Note that payroll instructions that do not allow overrides or are disabled at the organization level will not be available for selection.

After selecting the payroll instruction you wish to adjust, you can access Bulk Updates' edit mode by clicking the edit button


When in edit mode, you can adjust the "Enabled", "Override", and "Default Value" columns.

  • Enable Column -  When in Edit mode, you can enable a payroll instruction for an employee by ticking off the checkbox for their record. When an employee's checkbox is not ticked off, this payroll instruction will not apply to them. You can also click the "Select All" button to enable this setting for all employees, or click the "Deselect All" button to disable this payroll instruction for all employees. 
  • Override & Default Value Column - To override the payroll instruction for your employees, they must first have the payroll instruction enabled. Once enabled, you can tick off the  Override checkbox which will then unlock the default value column. You can now type the new value for the payroll instruction. The Override Column also comes with a Select All/Deselect All buttons for when you would like to turn on or turn off all overrides for this payroll instruction. 

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