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How do I split shifts that land between two pay periods?

In Daily Approval, you have the option to automatically split shifts that fall between two periods. 

How it works:

By default, if a shift, for example, starts at 10 pm on the last day of the current pay period and ends at 6 am on the first day of the next pay period, Daily Approval will pay the entire 8 hours of the shift on the current pay period.

Alternatively, your organization can choose to have the shift split into two shifts; one from 10 pm to midnight which will be paid on the current pay period, and another from midnight to 6 am that is paid on the following pay period. If a shift that is split has pay codes allocated, they will be split between the two shifts based on the alphabetical order of the pay code names. 

To activate the alternative feature, please contact an includable.

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