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How do I punch in and out online?

You can punch in and out online if your organization has activated our Web Punch services with geolocation. Punching in and out online can be done through any device with a web browser and internet access (e.g. smart phones, tablets, personal computers). Note that punching in is exactly the same as punching out! 



  1. Login to the Inclusion System and go to ATTENDANCE
  2. The first time you use Web Punch with Geolocation, a prompt will appear on your browser that will ask you to grant the Inclusion System permission to know your location. This allows the system to accurately track your location during punch in/punch out, and provides the tracked details to your supervisor. 
    • Web_Punch2.png 

       Geolocation Prompt on an iOS device




      Geolocation Prompt on a Chrome web browser


  3. Select the department you're working in and click the Punch In button.
    • Web Punch on browser screen - Inclusion System  
  4. Repeat the steps again at the end of your shift, but this time click the Punch Out button.


You've successfully Punched In and Out for your shift!





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