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How to create a shift - Mobile

This article is a full guide on creating and filling a new shift using ShiftShark. If you need to fill a pre-existing shift or a shift that already exists check out this article.

To see the desktop version of this article click here. 

1. Press the Add a Shift button. 

2. Set the date, start and end time of the shift you wish to create.

3. If you have access to multiple departments set the department the shift you wish to create is in. If you only have access to one department you will skip this screen and automatically create a shift for your department. 

4. Optional step:  If your organization requires a position to be selected, choose the position for this shift.


Now that you have created the shift you need to fill, it's time to build your call list.

5. You will see a list of all employees available to work (Not scheduled elsewhere in the organization for that shift time).  TiTouch the employees you wish to contact about filling the shift. 

6. When you have selected all employees you wish to contact touch the Submit Requests button. Note that once you touch this button you cannot undo the sending of the phone calls or texts offering the shift to your list. You can however cancel the call. Click here to learn how. 

Now that the call is out you wait for responses. The employees on your call list will receive an automated text or call (based on their personal settings) offering them the shift. You can return to the home screen while you wait to send another request.

7. Watch as the responses come in real time. You can sort these responses for better viewing based on the time they were received, or by your organizations preferred settings. (To adjust these sort settings, contact an Includable.)

8. Touch an employee who has accepted that you would like to award the shift to. 

9. Touch the Assign Shift button. (Or touch the Call button to call the employee at their ShiftShark designated number

10. Touch the Ok button to head back to the home screen.

And that's it! That's all there is to adding a shift. I hope you guys found the guide helpful and please get in touch with us if you have any more questions.

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