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The System is not calculating the Work Hours correctly.

You made an edit to worked hours and then pressed the ReCalc button like you should and...

The system is not calculating the right number of work hours. You can clearly see that with Cherie Hodgkins working from 1 to 11 she should have 10 work hours. What gives? Here's how to fix the problem!

1. Make sure box for the under the Manual Override column for the employee is unchecked (Unless you have edited the pay codes in which case jump to step 3). 

2. Click the button titled ReCalc at the top of the window. 


The system should now calculate the shift correctly. Note that you only need to use the Manual Override Checkbox if you are editing pay codes. If you are editing Shift times or the employee you can do that without checking the Manual Override box. 


3. If you were editing the pay codes using the Manual Override checkbox then make sure your allocated pay codes add up to the full shift's hours. The system will get the total work hours from all the pay code hours added up.


As you can see above Cherie Hodgkins has two hours of sick and 8 hours of regular which will make up her full ten hours. 


If at the end of all this shifts still aren't calculating correctly feel free to give Nick a call at 204.478.3700 ext 209 and he can help you figure things out.

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