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How do I see vacation, overtime or sick hours? (Paycodes)

Sometimes its useful to see what kind of overtime or sick time is about to be paid out. We call these different rates of pay pay codes. (If you're still confused click here). 


1. Find the button title By Pay Code. Click this button. 



2. This will take you to a screen where the hours of this pay period are divided up by pay codes (Overtime, Sleep, Regular etc.) You can see how many hours are being paid at certain pay codes by looking at the hours column in the chart. If you want to see employees being paid on a particular pay code click the '+' sign to the left of its name. 


3. You can now see the different employees who are being paid under a certain pay code and how many hours they are being paid like that. To get more information on a particular employee double-click that employee's name. 

4. Now you can see the particular days the employee worked. If you wish you can override the data and make changes here. Click here to learn how to make edits to a shift.

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