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What should I do if an employee was sick or didn't show up?

Eek. No shows eh? Here's how you would deal with that in Time Approval. 


1. Find the employee and the appropriate shift, then click on the drop down in the column called Attendance Reason Payroll Notes. 



2. Look at the drop down menu and select the appropriate option (For example, Not Worked- Unpaid if someone just didn't show up, or Not Worked - Use Sick Time if someone gets paid sick time) 




Whether an employee gets paid or unpaid sick time is up to your organization's rules. Call your supervisor if you have questions! 

Once you have selected the appropriate option, you're done! 

3. But shouldn't I change the Paid Hours?

Nope! There's no need because by selecting an Attendance reason (What you just did above) the system automatically knows how to deal with those hours, so you can just leave them alone and go on your way! 

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