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How do I add more than one pay code in time approval?

Adding a second (or third) pay code is very similar to adding the first. Here's how.


1. Find the shift you wish to add a second pay code to. On the left side of that row there should be an hour and minutes number under the Pay Code Allocation column. Click that underlined number.



2. A new window will appear. Near the top of that window there is a button titled Add. Click that button. 


3. A new row will appear in the window. If you want to add a time off pay code (ie sick or vacation) check the box under that column, otherwise use the drop down arrow button under the Pay Code column to choose the right pay code. Click into the box under the Allocation column and enter how many hours you want paid out at this pay code. 



Note that if you try to allocate more hours to pay codes than there are in a shift you will see the following error message when you press OK. 



4. Once you have set up the second pay code click the button at the bottom of the window that says OK. 



5. There you go a second pay code is now added! You'll notice that the Pay Code Allocation number will have changed. 


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