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How do I add accruals, deductions or different kinds of earnings (Payroll Instructions) to an input sheet?

If you need to add another classification of hours or a different kind of accrual to your input sheet the process is pretty simple. We refer to these instances as payroll instructions. For more info on payroll instructions click here.


1. On your input sheet (above the earnings, benefits, and deductions columns) you will see a box that says Add Payroll Instructions. Click here. 



2. A new window will appear. In the left hand box there will be a list of possible payroll instructions to add to the input sheet. Highlight the payroll instruction you wish to add by clicking it. Click the arrow pointing to the right.



3. Click the button that says Add. 



4. The input sheet will reload. Once it is reloaded you can enter it again and see that the new payroll instruction has been added. Well done! 


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