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What is a Pay Code?

Pay Codes are a way of assigning the different rates of pay and or accruals employees receive based on events that take place during a shift. Events being things like sick time, training or sleep hours. 

Perhaps an example will make this clearer. 

Depending on certain organization rules some employees may receive sick pay if they have accrued sick hours. If an employee then calls in sick on a day, a sick pay code could then be applied to the shift and the system will automatically pay that employee according to the rules. 


Some examples of pay codes are as follows: vacation, sleep, sick, training, etc. 

Here are some of  the places you find pay codes in the system:


How do I schedule someone for vacation hours, training or sleep hours?

What should I do if an employee was on vacation or in training? (Time Approval) 

How do I make changes if an employee was sick or in training? (Daily Pay)

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