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How do I see hours worked by a particular employee?

You may want to see what hours are worked by a particular employee. Here's how you do that! 


1. From the main page of Daily Pay find the button that says By Employee (Its right beside the By department button.) Click it.



2. You should now see a list of employees. Every employee's scheduled and actual hours are on the far right of the screen (See red box). If you want to see their hours divided up by paycodes (Regular, vacation, sick etc.)  or what particular days they worked press the plus sign to the left of the employee's name. 


3. To see the all the hours worked by this specific employee broken up by day double-click the employee's name. 


4. Now you can see the particular days the employee worked. If you wish you can override the data and make changes here. Click here to learn how to make edits to a shift.

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