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Why Can't I See the Grid in Time Approval?

So you're at the Time Approval page and there's no thing there eh? Just an ominous Grid has no data sign. Hmm... Well here's something to try!


1. Check the Summary of Approved Hours tab on the left of your screen. You should see a list of Employees


So what's going on? 

It probably has something to do with your filters! Click here to find out more how to view what you want! 

Alternately, you can try selecting the Total hours for a person or date to see all shifts for that date.

Keep in mind that time approval only shows shift up to yesterday's date by default. If you have approved all shifts up to yesterday and you are currently filtered to see only unapproved shifts then there is nothing to see.

If you want to see shifts in the future, use the reload option.   For more details see Loading Future Shifts


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