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Why are there a bunch of 24 hour shifts?

Ahh the 24 hour shift. This is usually a problem that stems from time approval. Allow me to explain. 


1. While you could edit these shifts in Daily Pay it is better to go to Time Approval and see why 24 hour shifts are appearing. Find the time approval page for the department with the 24 hour shift. If you need help finding the time approval page click here

2. On the far right of the screen there is a blue button titled Summary of Approved Hours. Click this button.

3. A Chart will appear. Near the top of the chart is an underlined tab saying Date. Click that tab. Find the date with the 24 hour shift. Click the number in the row of that date under the Total column. 

4. The Time Approval chart will now show all shifts for that day. Find the shift and notice the Paid Start and Paid End. They'll probably say the same time. 

Sometimes if an employee is sick or misses the day managers will set the paid start and paid end to be the same number thinking that it will cause the employee not to be paid. However the system calculates this as a 24 hour shift. If an employee had a shift scheduled that did not work it is best to use the attendance reason tab highlighted below to turn the shift into an unpaid shift.

If you're getting a lot of these 24 hour shifts it might be best to refresh your managers with what to do if an employee is sick or misses a shift. 


Click here to learn how to use an attendance reason. 


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