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I can't see a specific shift from a department in Daily Pay!

Hmm... Well that's annoying. Here's how to solve that! 

1. Can you see any shifts in the department? If not click here for the tutorial that will help you with that. 


2. From the homepage of Daily Pay press the '+' button just to the left of the department name for which you wish to see the shift. 


3. A chart will appear showing the hours worked for every day. See if the status of the day when the shift is supposed to be is Approved or Completed. If yes, double click the word Approved (or Completed) and from the drop down menu that appears click Schedules Are Not Loaded. If the status of the day is not Approved or Completed skip to step 6. 


4. Click the button titled Load Schedules


5. Press the same '+' button as you did before in step 2, and then double click the day the shift is supposed to be in. If its there, then hooray! We've done it. If not continue on to step 6. 


6. Enter the time approval page for this department and pay period. If you need help finding Time Approval click here.  On the right side of the screen there is a blue button titled Summary of Approved Hours. Click that button. 



7. A chart with details on approved and unapproved hours will appear. Check the chart to see how many unapproved hours there are. If there are any unapproved hours, approve them and try step 4 again. 

If there are no unapproved hours then something funky is going on! Why don't you give Nick a call at 204.478.3700 ext 209 and he can help you figure things out. 

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