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How do I create a Schedule?

1. From the homepage of Everest (or any page) click on the tab titled Schedules BETA. 



2. On the next screen that appears look on the left side and you will see a small gear icon. Click that icon. 



3. On the next screen that appears, still on the left side, you will see a tab named Schedule Listing. Click on that name. 



4. A list of existing schedules will appear as well as a button titled "Add Schedule". Click on this button.



5. A pop-p will appears and you can click on the small arrow to see a list of existing departments. 



6. Select the department you want to create a new schedule. 



7. An end date box will appear and you can select the desired end date for the new schedule. (The start date is determined to be the day after the end date of the last schedule for that department). Once you have set those items click the Create button to create your schedule. 



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