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How do I create schedules and schedule employees?



How do I create a Schedule?

How do I schedule an employee shift?

How do I schedule someone for vacation, training or overnight sleep hours? (Allocate a paycode)


How do I create a Schedule? 

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  1. From the homepage of Everest (or any page) click on the menu item titled Schedules



  2. On the main Schedules screen, select the schedule listing from the left slide out tool.



  3. From the Schedule Listing tab choose Add ScheduleAdd_Schedule.jpg

  4. A pop-up will appears and you can click on the small arrow to see a list of existing departments and select the department for which you want to create the next schedule period.

    An end date box will appear and you can select the desired end date for the new schedule. (The start date is determined to be the day after the end date of the last schedule for that department). Once you have set those items click the Create button to create your schedule. 




How do I schedule an employee shift?

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To schedule an employee for a shift:

  1. Double click on the day you want a shift in the row for the employee:



  2. A new window will be opened. In the Shift Details tab, set the shift start and end time.  (To schedule a shift that goes over midnight choose the End time date to be the following day):



  3. Set employee's details such as name, department, and position. Note you can set the employee as Vacant to keep track of shifts you need to fill.  They will not flow through to payroll until an employee is then assigned to it:



  4. Add a description for the shift if there is a specific task or activity needed:



  5. Add a payroll note if there is something specific that payroll needs to consider about this shift (note this is not visible to the employee):



  6. Click on the Pay Code tab and then click on the Add Pay code button to add a pay code type to change how the shift will be paid. See How to allocate a pay code.



  7. Switch to Recurrence tab and then select the recurrence if applicable:



  8. Choose Save when complete




How do I schedule someone for vacation, training or overnight sleep hours? (Allocate a paycode)

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To track cost for training or for time off such as vacation, or sick time you can schedule a shift to have an allocation, using pay codes, for an entire or part shift.  To learn more about pay codes click here.

  • Edit or create a new shift
  • Click on "Pay Codes" tab and then click on "Add Pay Code" buttonHow_do_I_schedule_someone_for_vacation__training_or_overnight_sleep_hours.jpg
  • Choose a pay code.  How_do_I_schedule_someone_for_vacation__training_or_overnight_sleep_hours_2.jpg
  • Choose Create Vacant Shift if you want to automatically create a replacement shift for same time.How_do_I_schedule_someone_for_vacation__training_or_overnight_sleep_hours_3.jpg
  • Enter the number of hours to be allocated; note you can only enter up to the length of the shift.How_do_I_schedule_someone_for_vacation__training_or_overnight_sleep_hours_4.jpg
  • Click Save.



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