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How do I sort my payroll instructions?

Sometimes it's in your benefit to order the payroll instructions on your payroll input sheet. This tutorial takes you through how you might give an ordering to the appearance of your payroll instructions on the payroll input sheet. 

1. Press the tab titled Payroll.


2. Press the tab titled Payroll Setup and then by default you should be in the payroll instructions tab. 


3. Click Edit by the payroll instruction you wish to sort. Once in the editing screen, find the Sort Order field under the Payroll Input Sheet section.



4. Enter the sort order desired

Note that payroll instructions with the same sort order value will be grouped together in alphabetical order. Also note that  Payroll Instructions will still be sorted based on type - earnings, benefits and deductions. Entering a sort order value will only affect their placement in those higher-level groupings.

5. Press Save.




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