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Adding a New Department

Whether you are expanding, organizing or just because, sometimes its nice to add a new department. This tutorial teaches you how you would add a new department. 

1. Click the name of your organization at the top left of the screen. 



2. Click on Payroll Departments.


3. Click Add a Department. 


4. Enter the Department Code you wish to use. Duplicate codes are not permitted. Enter the Department Name. If you have multiple RP Accounts, select which is applicable from the drop down menu - otherwise it will automatically be set to the default account. When all this is done press Save. 


Your new department is now available for use when managing employee department assignments. Note that you can edit a department name and code at any time by clicking Edit. Departments with assigned employees cannot be deleted. If you are unable to see the Payroll Departments link, you may not have administrator rights to your organization. Contact your organization administrator or IBEX to help you with the set up.

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