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How do I pay someone outside of a regular pay run?

If the need should ever arise to pay an employee between regular payruns, simply run an Ad-Hoc Payrun at any time. This tutorial will teach you how to run an Ad-Hoc Payrun. 

1. From the Hompage click Payroll, and then click Process Payroll/Review Payroll History. (If you need help through these steps see the Creating an Input Sheet Tutorial)


2. Click Create Ad-Hoc Payroll. 



3. A pop-up window will appear. In the window enter the desired Pay Date. Also from the drop down menu select the Pay Period for which the missed hours or pay is associated with. Enter a a comment in the Reason box if you desire. Once you're done this press Create. 

Note that reason is a required field.

Once you press create a blank input sheet will populate. Notice that the Pay Number for the Ad-Hoc input sheet will be the associated Pay Period number plus a letter (i.e. Pay Number 9A - 2017). If more than one Ad-Hoc pay run is associated with a Pay Period, the letters will be assigned alphabetically depending on the input sheet creation order.


4. To begin your input sheet you must first add an employee to the input sheet. Click Add Employee.



5.Select the employee(s) to be paid and press the arrow button to move the employees over to the Employees to Add box. Click Add. 




6. Click Add Payroll Instructions.



7.Select the required Payroll Instructions and move them to the right to the Payroll Instructions to add box. Click Add. 


Continue by completing and submitting your Input Sheet as you would with your regular pay run. If you need help with submitting data into the input sheet, see the Editing Input Sheets tutorial. 

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