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Editing an Employee's Demographics

Sometimes an employee's demographic information changes. This tutorial teaches you how to edit an employee's demographic information. This tutorial starts from the Employee Maintenance page, if you need help finding that page, see our Editing Employees tutorial.


The default page for Employee Maintenance is the Demographic section. Scroll down and enter the necessary demographic information. Required fields include: Last Name, First Name(Common), Legal First Name, Address.

  • First Name (Common) will be the name used and seen within the system in places such as Scheduling and Daily Approval. This can be an employees nickname.
  • Legal First Name is the named used for legal documents such as ESOEs and T4s.
    • If the Legal First Name is the same as the employee's common name, you can tick off the Is same as Fist Name(Common) checkbox to copy the First Name into the Legal name field.v

When you've completed filling in the fields, press Next to proceed if you have created a new employee. If you are editing an employee press Save. The buttons appear in the same place. 



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