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How do I make edits on an input sheet

Sometimes you will need to make changes to an employee's hours in the input sheet or manually enter them. This tutorial teaches you how to manually fill out an input sheet. This tutorial starts from within the input sheet so if you need help learning how to create an input sheet see our tutorial on Creating Input Sheets.

1. To edit an hourly earning, find the employee and the column for which you'd like to edit the input. Click into the box and write the new value. 



2. To see more Payroll Instructions for which you could edit the hours of an employee for, scroll to the bottom of the screen and use the slide bar. To scroll through employees use the numbered buttons at the bottom to click through the pages of active employees. 




3. To remove a Payroll Instruction from the input sheet press the arrow below the instruction and then press Remove Payroll Instruction in the pop up window that appears. Once all edits are completed press the Save button. 




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