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How do I review and approve a pay run?

After submitting a Payroll Input Sheet the last step in processing a payroll is to Approve it. Not all users will have the permissions required in order to approve a Payroll. Check with the System Administrator in your organization to see if you have said permissions. This tutorial takes you through reviewing and approving a Payroll Input Sheet under the assumption that you have said permissions. 

1.Find the Payroll Input Sheet you wish to approve and press the link titled Results on the line.



2. Review the various reports and error warnings on the Payroll Input Sheet. Reports will include:

Payrun Errors and Warnings



Payroll Register Report, Statement of Earnings, and Invoice Report



3. If you wish to make changes to the Input sheet you can click the tab saying Input Sheet and you will be directed back to the input sheet from which you can make edits. Otherwise to Approve the Payroll press the Approve button.



If you do choose to make edits to the input sheet you need only press the Modify Input button from the input sheet itself. Once the input sheet is open for editing the steps are the same as the first time you enter data.



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