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Employee View

In Daily Pay the Employee View is a view that allows you to work with the module from an employee based organization. This is a convenient way to see the pay codes and hours related to one specific person. This tutorial will take you through the look of the view and its features. 

To get to the employee view press the tab at the top of the page titled By Employee. 


The Employee View


On this first screen above you see:

1. The employee code
2. Employee name
3. Status
4. Home Department
5. Pay class
6. Scheduled hours for the pay period: Shows a total of the scheduled hours for this employee in all the departments He is assigned to.
7. Actual Hours worked in that pay period: Shows a total of the actual hours worked by this employee in all the departments He is assigned to.

NOTE: The By-Employee View will ONLY show the employees whose Home Department you are assigned to. If you don’t have access to an Employee’s Home Department, you will not see them in this view, even if they are assigned to another Department you have access to.

To see the details for this employee, click on the + sigh next to the employee's name. This will open a list with the pay codes that applied to the employee in that period and the total hours for each pay code. This is demonstrated below. By clicking on any Pay Code, you will access a window that will display all the days worked by the employee and the details for each shift.


You cannot edit from this screen.

If you wish to edit a day double click that day. The work day window for the department that shift occurred will open. The department view does allow edits.


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