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Pay Code View

The Daily Pay module offers you the option to view the summary of the total hours worked in the context of pay codes. This view can be useful if you wanted to know how many Sick Hours were scheduled/worked for that period. This tutorial teaches you how to get to the view, what you see and the view's features. To use this tutorial you must find the Daily Pay module. For help finding the module see the Finding Daily Pay tutorial. 

To get to the Pay Code View press the tab titled By Pay Code.


This view shows you the amount of hours allotted to each pay code. You can filter the results by department using the drop down menu. The selected department will be filtered out. Also by pressing the '+' to the left of the pay code name you may see the details of the pay code and  a list of all employees affected by this pay code. 

Note: It is not possible to edit from the Pay Code View. 


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