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How do I add a shift in Daily Pay?

In general we suggest that you make changes like this in Time Approval. In a pinch though it is certainly easy enough to make the changes in Daily Pay. Here's how you'd add a shift in Daily Pay. 

1. Find the Department that you need to add the shift to. Press the '+' button to the left of the Department name. 



2. Find the day you need to add the shift to. Double-click the date.



4. A new window will open up. Click on the text that reads "Please Click Here to Add a New Row" located directly under the employee title on the left hand side of the screen.



5. A new row will appear. Select the correct employee from the drop down menu in the Employee column. Enter the start time of the shift in the Work Start column and the end time of the shift in the Work End column.



6. Click on white space on the screen.


7. A box will appear asking if you want to save the row. Click the OK button.


8. Notice that the button titled ReCalc has turned green. Click that button. 


That's it! You've created a new shift in Daily Pay! 

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