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How do I approve hours in Daily Pay?

You've checked everything out in Daily Pay and it all looks great. Time to approve those hours.  


1. It is possible the hours for all departments at once. From the Daily Pay main screen press the Approve All button. Note that the status of all the Departments will change to Approved. Voila approved! 


Note that you may need certain permissions as a system user to view and approve all departments. Basically, not everyone is allowed to approve all Departments


2. You can approve single Department by pressing the Approve button beside that respective Department. There you've done it! Note that the status of the Department will change to Approved.



3. You may approve a single day of a specific Department by first expanding said Department by pressing the '+' to the right of the Department then by double-clicking the specific day. A new window will open for that specific day and simply press the Approve button at the top of the page. The following two picture outline this process.  

Double Click the Specific Day


Press Approve


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