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How do I approve all shifts at once in time approval?

Feeling ambitious are we? Well here's how you approve an entire schedule in one go. 


1. Click the Filters tab just to the left of the Summary of Approved Hours


2. Select the date range filter.



3. Change the date in the right box (By the "To:") to match the end date of the schedule (When the schedule runs to). You can open a calendar to choose from by clicking the calendar icon. After this click the Save button. 



4. Note that now all unapproved shifts are visible. Click the check box to the left of the column header titled Employee. 


5. All employees should now have their respective check boxes checked. Now click the approve button.



6. You're all done! Don't worry if the grid goes blank afterwards! The chart is set up right now to only to show unapproved shifts so since all the shifts have been approved they will disappear! 


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