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How do I find a particular employee or shift in time approval?

You know exactly what you're looking for. You know what shifts and employees you are looking for and you want to find them quickly. Here's how. 


1. In the far left corner of your screen there is a tab that says Summary of Approved Hours




2. If you want to look at all of the approved or unapproved shifts worked by a particular employee click on the number of hours.

For instance if you want to see all the unapproved shifts worked by Karl Johnson you click the number under unapproved by his name. 


Then you'll see the chart will change to a view showing all of Karl's unapproved shifts. From there you should be able to find the shift you are looking for!


3. If you want to view shifts by date click the Date button beside the Employee button  within the list box. 


4. Now you'll see a list of dates. Again you can click the respective number at any date to see that date's approved or unapproved shifts. 

For instance if you want to see the unapproved shifts on Friday June 2nd, you click the number under the unapproved column by the Friday June 2 date. 


You'll notice then that the chart will change to show all unapproved shifts on Friday June 2nd. 



That's it. Just click on exactly what you want to see! 

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