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How Do I Change the Way An Employee Will be Paid, for Example if They Were Sick or in Training?

Paycodes indicate how a shift will be paid, and by default are calculated based on the rules set for your organization or by the allocation that was manually chosen in scheduling. 




To edit the allocation or change the number of hours for a given paycode, click the Edit button for the shift and click the down arrow to show the shift's pay code, note details, and Mileage and Expenses. Under the Paycodes tab, click Add to include a new allocation or Edit to change the existing allocations.

Select your desired pay code. To use a Fix/Flex paycode, set the type. When using Fix/Flex paycodes you will need to set the Start and End times for the allocations. The duration of these allocations cannot overlap each other.

  • Flex pay codes will be used for the hours unless other rules trigger a change. (i.e. Hours are initially allocated to a flex training pay code. When these hours extend into overtime, it will trigger the overtime rule and the hours will be allocated to overtime accordingly.)
  • Fixed pay codes do not change despite other rules. 

Note that if your organization has chosen to display pay codes by class, some pay codes may not be available for use if they are not part of the employee's pay class. To adjust which pay codes apply to your employees' pay class, please contact an Includable.





  • When you make an adjustment, the rest of the hours that were not manually changed will recalculate based on the rules for your organization.  If you want to set the paycodes for the entire shift then edit all of the paycode allocations manually.
  • The number of hours entered for the Paycode allocation cannot be 0. You will not be able to save the paycode allocation.
  • The total number of hours allocated cannot exceed the number of hours scheduled for the shift. You will not be able to save the shift edits as you are paying out more hours than are scheduled.











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